About us

About us

Directors’ and officers’ liability is an ever-present risk. It is therefore essential to obtain a professional analysis of directors’ and supervisory directors’ legal position, whether you yourself are a director and want to safeguard your legal status, or if you have personally suffered as a result of the conduct of a director or another officer.

In all cases, tailor-made advice from an expert specialised lawyer is of the utmost importance in order to safeguard your rights. This involves complex issues such as whether the director has discharged his accounting and administrative duties properly, whether he has made any irresponsible payments, or whether the company has failed to pay its creditors. Perhaps the director has even deliberately defrauded certain creditors!


And what about supervision of the company’s subsidiaries?

Borsboom & Hamm N.V. has her office at Rotterdam and can provide you with expert professional advice on all the above matters and any other questions you may have concerning directors’ and officers’ liability.

At Borsboom & Hamm N.V., our team of lawyers specialising in corporate and insolvency law is led by Mr. J.P.M. Borsboom and Mr C.F.W.A. Hamm. Our lawyers frequently advise clients and act on behalf of as well as against legally liable directors, supervisory directors and other officers during lawsuits. Our clients range from small and medium-sized enterprises to large international companies.

You can contact our lawyers at any time for an analysis and made-to-measure advice. They will be happy to inform you what Borsboom & Hamm N.V. can do for you, not only in the field of directors’ and officers’ liability but also with respect to all your other business-related legal questions. And you can consult the Borsboom & Hamm N.V. lawyers on other matters besides liability issues, such as proceedings at the Enterprise Section of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal (particularly the right to institute an inquiry), employment law, international trade and arbitration, conflicts relating to purchase and lease, and economic criminal law. Please visit our website for an overview of our lawyers and their specialities (https://www.borsboomhamm.nl).